Monday, June 28, 2010

G8 G20 what good will it do

The G8 and G20 meetings have ended, but really this will be the same as Copenhagen: the leaders will make promises and forget about it the next day. I support having these summits, but really if we are spending 1 billion dollars then at least actually stay true to your commintements. Because I want to know if this summit is worth the controversy, cost and protesters. If the leaders want to make the G8 and G20 work they have to make the people see more than fake lakes and empty promises. I want something done, but with Stephen Harper not even caring about the environment nothing real is going to happen. So I am still hoping that are leader keeps his promise on spending monety on helath in Africa and keeps the pressure on North Korea and Iran.

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  1. Have you read the latest from Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning Econsomist?

    These promises of austerity are promises you don't want kept unless you like the idea of yet another Great Depression.

    Once again, savage cuts on the backs of society's most vulnerable while the fat cats who caused this economic crisis continue to get fatter.


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