Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coalitions Next Election?

Tom Flanagan describes the many posibilities that the next election could bring. According to him, there could be a Liberal minority, a Conservative minority or a Liberal-NDP coalition, together getting a majority. He does touch on an issue that some people have not written about lately. What if Stephen Harper lost next election but didn't resign as prime minister? Also, as prime minister, he doesn't need to ask the Governor-General to assemble Parliament. I believe that this is completely unreasonable. This would be an abuse of executive power and should be outlawed. These are just games to hold on to power. It should be like this: if you lose the election, you lose your place as prime minister. Maybe, but unlikely, Harper will outlaw this horrible abuse of executive power.
The bottom line: Michael Ignatieff’s best chance to become prime minister is for the Liberals to win more seats than the Conservatives, and his second-best chance is for the Liberals and NDP together to win an absolute majority of seats. Otherwise, Mr. Harper will continue in office.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. I read the article this morning. The "Harper doesn't resign" scenario simply isn't going to happen. There are many things that are theoretically possible in our system that will never happen because they'd have no legitimacy. The easiest example of this would be the governor general simply refusing to sign a bill into law because she didn't like it. Technically, she doesn't *have* to sign bills into law but I guarantee you that she always will.

    The "Harper doesn't resign scenario" is like that. It's theoretically possible, but will never happen in reality. Worrying about it is just silly.

    Flanagan's piece was an excellent summary of the situation.


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