Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little CBC Bashing Can't Hurt

The Tories have again chosen to attack their favorite target. No, it's not the Liberal Party. It's the CBC! This time it's because last week, the CBC posted a story about how the NRA was getting involved in the Canadian gun registry debate.  The Conservative Party views this as biased.
In her two-page letter, she references a report that aired Sept. 13, characterizing it as the CBC seeking “to portray domestic efforts to end the long-gun registry as being influenced by a foreign organization.”
And that is completely true!  That was the whole point of that CBC story. To report the facts. The NRA was getting involved in the long gun registry debate. This isn't the first time the Conservative party thinks the facts are "agenda-driven." Multiple studies show that tough-on-crime stances don't work, however, the Tories continue to support this kind of solution. As long as this Conservative government remains in power, there will be more disregard for the facts, less informed decisions, and complete disregard for government transparency.
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  1. Latest date on that NRA story was 2001 though. Talk about reaching far to push an agenda.

  2. Geez ridenrain, you're comments seem even more pointless now that Ive seen your fugly mug online.

    The article was published last week but maybe you're tardis is on the fritz. Or maybe it's because you don't have a valid response. Maybe you should do a bit more reading Bill.

    But since you're talking about pushing agendas, maybe you could give us some Conbot tips. You guys are the agenda pushing experts with your (chortle, snort) tactical genius...

  3. As long as this Conservative government remains in power, there will be more disregard for the facts, less informed decisions, and complete disregard for government transparency.

    Shorter Harpercon transparency: ADSCAM! ADSCAM! ADSCAM!

    Election please.

  4. Did you read the CBC article or is that just for the sheep? Where's the proof or was this more of "Stutter" Fife's famous "people say"?

  5. Well, Kill Bill, the Libs' press release lists a lot more recent ties b/w the NRA & Con. Pols & staffers, too:

    In 2009, former Chief of Staff to Maxime Bernier, Bob Valcov was
    named as executive director of the Canadian branch of the international
    gun lobby group, Safari Club International, a group with strong ties to the NRA. Another former Conservative staffer, Brant Scott, who was Executive Assistant to Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz, became Director of Communications to the Canadian Sports Shooting Association which also has strong links to the NRA.
    ...the NRA is helping Canadian groups like the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Canadian Firearms Institute and the Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association to fight the registry by raising money and coaching them on how to lobby politicians.
    In 2006, Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz co-hosted with the
    Canadian Shooting Sports Association, a forum featuring then-NRA
    president Sandra Froman, as keynote speaker at the CSSA annual meeting
    in Toronto.
    In 2006, then-Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day appointed the
    Minister’s Firearms Advisory Committee which was composed exclusively of opponents of the gun registry, including many with direct ties to the National Rifle Association, including Professor Gary Mauser whose research had been directly funded by the NRA.
    Former Canadian Alliance MP Jim Pankiw appeared in an NRA video in
    2001 claiming that the gun registry turned law-abiding Canadian
    citizens into “instant criminals.”
    Former Conservative MP Art Hanger appeared in an NRA infomercial in
    2000 claiming that the Canadian government “wants every firearm seized
    in this country.” Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Jerry Ouellette
    also appeared in the video claiming that the government was intent on
    confiscating guns saying, “It’s coming. We’ve got the test waters here
    in Canada to prove it and you’re next on the list.” He claimed his
    comments had been pre-vetted by then-Premier Mike Harris’ office.
    In 1995, then-NRA executive director, Tanya Metaksa, wrote to Prime
    Minister Jean Chr├ętien threatening a tourism boycott of Canada if the
    long gun registry Bill passed: “An overwhelming negative reaction can
    be anticipated and it could seriously erode revenue into Canada
    generated by visiting U.S. sportsmen and women.”

  6. Well, Kill Bill, the Lib's press release lists plenty more recent ties between the NRA & Con. pols, staffers, and appointees to their advisory board, many of them ongoing:

  7. I don't understand why you people think that sportmans groups would not associate together. Not every pro-gun group is the NRA and there are many in Canada already, but I guess that just dosen't sell that Anti-American rhetoric.

    Meanwhile George Soros and all his lefty, lobby pals are working hard to bring about transformational changes here too. I guess it depends on who's side those Americans are on.

    VANCOUVER -- A man was shot to death in a popular East Vancouver restaurant Thursday evening as horrified patrons looked on.

    Where was the registry?

  8. still on about the now totally debunked influence of Soros (who doesn't even run Avaaz, but just donated to it once), Bumble Bee Beemer Bill? you, who've signed international petitions to try to subvert Canada's democratic process, to stop the coalition? Your credibility is about as strong as your scholarship.

  9. There's far more proof of lefty American groups meddling in Canadian politics than the NRA. Did Iggy bring them with him or is it some kind of package deal the Bay Street kingmakers made when they promised him the leadership spot?

  10. It's pretty comical the way the tinfoil brigade twists the most tenuous of connections into evidence of the sinister influence of, e.g., a "Nazi Socialist" on the benighted Canadian "Left," yet denies the direct lines of just one or at most two degrees of separation between the governing party and the active lobby groups and the NRA in Canada.

    The NRA is the Osama Bin Laden of the Gun Control jihadists in Canada: it trains the ra-ra-gun warriors on talking points and tactics, both via the various Cndn gun org's and by bringing selected Cndn pols to their conferences; it funds Mauser, the Cndn 'guru' of 'gun control doesn't work' misinformation; it set up an active al Qaeda Chapter of itself, in the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA); and it cheers them all on with periodic editorials and informercials (just like Osama's semi-annual videos).

  11. tinfoil brigade..
    Nazi Socialist" on the benighted Canadian "Left," Osama Bin Laden of the Gun Control jihadists..

    Yeah.. Tinfoil.
    It's unrelated but check Atwood's opinion on the moon landings while your at it. With that sort, I wouldn't be suprised if she was a tuther and a birther to boot.

  12. seeing the postings of riden rain, I see that the cons are desperate by sending him to post their lies. life is sweet riden and you are drowing like a leaky boat up the creek with no paddles. keep on swimming lad because you do not make an iota of sense. Lacking in Common Sense as well. The Cons seem to have that problem though so I suppose you fit right in with their agenda.

  13. oh, I don't think Kill Bill's a staffer: he's a volunteer, on a mission for Dog.

  14. 'Look Ma! I Can Ride With No Hands!' asks where the gun registry was re: stopping what appears to be a Vietnamese gang hit on one of their own members or rivals:

    - gee, was it using a _long_ gun they shot David Phong Quoi Banh with while he was in his car? Probably not, so, as ever, an irrelevant remark

    - but if it was, gee, I wonder if the Harper gov't's effectively _suspending_ the long gun registry program after just three years of its full operation when they declared an ongoing amnesty in 2006 had something to do with it?

    - and why we should even think for one minute that such targeted gang-related killings have _anything_ to do which the LGR, which was aimed at domestic and random shootings?

    But thanks for trying to change the channel, yet again... click, click, click


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