Friday, February 25, 2011

Canada Believes in Climate Change.

The vast majority of Canadians and a majority of Americans believe in global warming.The Climate change skepitics haven't won this war, and this should be no surprise.In Canada another vast majority of us believe that our federal, provincial and municipal goverments should all be a part of the solution. some kind of a Carbon tax is very popular in Canada. 73% of Canadians would be willing to pay 50 extra dollars a year in energy so that other resources would be used instead of oil. In the U.S this is also popular 55% said they would be willing to pay more in energy cost for more renewable energy.When asked about a carbon tax derictly the a poll found that 61% of people would support it. It seems that a carbon tax isn't as politically suicide as many have thought, and a surprising figure made 5 years ago is that the majority (54%) of the oil rich Stephen Harper country of Alberta actually support a carbon tax. Another surprising fact is that People who support the Liberals believe in Climate change more than people who support the Green Party. In the U.K green taxes have 63% support. A carbon tax isn't a bad word, I can't wait till other parties besides the Green party start putting a carbon tax on there platform like Stephan Dion.

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  1. It's funny because in one poll it shows only 10 percent of the Canadian population is involved with Canadian politics.

    Are you surprised when the vast majority of Canadians believe in man made climate change?

    Canadians only have 3 news outlets and they are all the same ideology.

    Left wing liberal progressive.

    Canadians are brainwashed into believing everything the "government" tell us.

    Is there any media outlet in Canada that actually engages the people?

    The same academics, scholars,experts and government officials are the only ones we hear from, and it just so happens they`re all friends with each other.

    There are almost a thousand scientists who disagree with man made global warming.

    Many of these include former IPCC climate scientists.

    The majority of Canadians DO NOT know this and could not unless they found other media than what is on Canadian TV and print, because the media only presents one side.

    There is no media in Canada. It's a government media complex where 90 percent of journalists are liberals and the other 10 percent are progressive Conservative.

    So in the end all we get is "progressive" politics.

  2. Everyone supports a tax until THEY have to pay it. I'd rather us actually invent the technology first for cleaner energy...ask Premier McGuinty how the wind and solar thingy is going in Ontario cuz its a mess and may cost him the next election.

  3. This particular poll is highly suspicious.

    For starters; Most Canadians believe the climate is changing.Fair enough. But Why?

    There can be no doubt that some of the change is natural. The question is how much of it is caused by manmade GHG's.

    The survey seems to suggest that Canadians are willing to pay up to $50/ month (CBC) to fight climate change. Let's reword this. This is the same as asking "Are you wiliing to pay up to $2400/yr. per household (4 ppl in a dwelling)?".

    Further it should be recognized that people are already paying more for products in this fight eg. Ontario Hydro has had a huge spike in rates of which part is by the gov't own admission to reduce GHG's. Would it be more accurate to ask whether Canadians are willing to pay all of this money on top of what they are already paying?

    Add to that the recognition that paying a Carbon tax will have to continue for decades. To make it worse though, there is no assurance that the concept will work.

    Don't be fooled. This one is a crock...

  4. So how is Kyoto the dog doing these days?

  5. Anonymous 8:31
    97% percent of climate scientist belive in climatre change. You can say thousands don't believe in Climate change, and each one that doesn't belive in climate change you show me I will show you 33 others that do belive that climate change is man made.
    Anonymous 8:37
    If we continue to use non renwable ressorces energy prices wil skyrocketr more than the renwable ressources that the Premier of Ontario is trying to put forward.

  6. "97% percent of climate scientist belive in climatre change."

    Evidence please?

  7. Here they are

  8. There's an average of about 2.3 person per household in most communities. So your math is way off ... like most global warming sceptics, lol.


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