Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prosecutors must Win

The Charest government has forced striking prosecutors to go back to work. These lawyers are some of the lowest paid in Canada and the salary cap is almost one-half of that in Ontario. Also, there is a need to hire more prosecutors to ease the workload. Our Crown prosecutors are being overworked and they simply do not have the resources to compete with rich members of organised crime who can hire a ton of defense lawyers. It's impossible to win when you are outnumbered. Now is the time for the Quebec government to start paying prosecutors what they deserve.
Quebec Premier Jean Charest claims that he has faith in the justice system to get to the bottom of allegations of mob-linked corruption and collusion in the province’s construction industry. 
But his Liberal government’s handling of its striking Crown prosecutors – culminating in back-to-work legislation passed Tuesday after an all-night sitting – will not leave any gangsters trembling.
Read more at the National Post.

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