Monday, February 07, 2011

Mitt Romney the Front Runner!

Mitt Romney stated that his announcement for the road, but if Mitt Romney does run he would be a possible front runner. In the first 4 states Iowa,New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina he has a strong showing. In Iowa he is right behind Huckabee and could win the state, but in the last election in 2008 Romney was just 2% behind of Huckabee in the polls, but Huckabee won by more than 10%. Romney then looked at New Hampshire which he was battling hard for and was just 4% behind he ended up losing that state to, and he lost some momentum, but this time around it will be different. John McCain is no longer running and polls in New Hampshire shows that Mitt Romney is going to slam the competition. Now it could be looking like a battle against Huckabee. In Nevada Romney should be expected to win the state easy, but if Newt Gingrich runs his lead could dwindle, but even if he loses Nevada which I don't think is going to happen Romney is still in the four way battle for South Carolina. Meaning Romney is ahead or very competitive in the first 4 states while Huckabee is ahead and competitive in Only 2 Iowa and South Carolina, Newt Gingrich is only competitive in 2 (Nevada and South Carolina) and Palin is only competitive in South Carolina. Romney has a major advantage and last election even though he lost the election he fund-raised more money than McCain did during the same time.

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