Monday, February 28, 2011

41% of Americans Want to Get Fired!

Even when the economy is tumbling a new poll shows that Donald Trump could actually be a contender in the 2012 election. Polls show that he would get 41% and Obama would get 43% that's incredible considering no other match up has the Republican that close to Obama. It seems the guy who's catch line is your fired seems to be the guy who people think can fix the unemployment woe's of the United States. If people didn't take Donald Trump seriously before now he could be even the front runner. He hasn't said he would run, but he said he would consider. He continues to talk about how the world is trying to hurt the U.S and how if he was the president the world would respect the U.S. I am not at all a supporter of Donald Trump, but if he does run (he says he will tell in June) it would be very interesting having a guy who never held political office all of a sudden becoming the President of the U.S. I can see Obama's ads now: showing  his your fired comment over and over again.
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