Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flaherty Dead Wrong!

Flaherty the fiance minister of Canada the one that allowed Harper to Say that Canada was in fine economic state and wasn't going to post any deficits is now telling Canadians that the Liberals will hurt jobs in Canada. That is dead wrong Canada's Corporate tax is one the lowest in the industrialized world and more important much lower than the U.S corporate tax rate. The Liberals want to place the tax rate at 18% true the current Corporate tax rate is 16.5%, but increasing Corporate tax rate by 1.5% (which was just a few years ago) would not have dramatic effects on our economy because our tax rate is already low so we really have not much to benefit from lowering it, because business will already want to come over to Canada, because our tax rate is much more favorable almost every country in the G8. Plus Corporate tax cuts don't help the economy by much when you compare it to everything else the government could do with that money like helping Canadian family's or small business that actually need it and maybe if the conservatives were really responsible they would give that money back to China which is were that money is coming from. The Conservatives are really stubborn on keeping the deficit going on forever. Flaherty is defending the tax cuts saying it helped create 460,000 jobs.
"Canada's competitive taxes helped create over 460,000 jobs since the end of the recession, since July 2009," Flaherty said. "We are on the right track."
But there was much more in the stimulus then just corporate tax cuts and the tax cuts didn't create many of those jobs it was the money the government was giving people if the re renovated there house or helping cities pay for projects.
"To cut corporate taxes today means that Canadians are going to have to pay higher taxes tomorrow. That's not sound economic policy."
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  1. Flaherty has already lost the argument.

    Polls show a majority of Canadians against corporate tax cuts while we are in deficit.

    Jim loses. Again.

  2. Harper's gang would destroy the country with a majority, they are almost Anti-Canadian in the way they mimic George Bush's America.


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