Thursday, February 17, 2011

More CBC Bashing

The Conservatives have continued their war against the CBC. Except it seems that the words slipped out of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's mouth. He said, "The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?" This was in answer to the Canadian Press asking him questions on Bev Oda.

She allegedly misled the House by lying about the order to defund KAIROS. First, she said that it was not her who gave the order to refuse the funding. Lately, she changed her story to say that it was her who changed the document. There is much debate on whether she should resign, her apology suffice or even if she misled the House of Commons in the first place. Of course, Minister Kenney had wisdom of substance to tell us on this issue: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?” The Conservatives' use of the CBC as a red herring and scapegoat continues.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday that Ms. Oda has apologized. When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?”
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. “The CBC lies all the time" is like saying
    "Conservative against Multiculturalism."


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