Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It Will Happen

Stephen Harper is saying that unless a Conservative majority is elected at the next chance, a Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition will take over right away. This is ridiculous and no one believes him, but nevertheless, he should watch what he says, as it could put the Tory hold on power in jeopardy.

When you repeat the same ridiculous message again and again, it is possible that what you were warning against will actually happen. Did it ever occur to Harper that if he says, “They will deny it every day of the campaign. The day after, they will do it," maybe, it would actually happen. If I were in the opposition and had lost an election due to Harper's coalition fear-mongering, I would be quite encouraged to actually form a coalition.

If the Tories continue on their spin spree, the next election could be all or nothing for them. A majority or loss of power. Obviously, they are ready to take this gamble. Watch out Harper, because your fairy tale may come true.
Stephen Harper is warning us that, unless we elect a majority Conservative government at the next opportunity, a coalition of the other parties in the House of Commons will take over, virtually overnight. “They will deny it every day of the campaign,” the Prime Minister predicts. “The day after, they will do it.”
Read more at the Globe and Mail. 


  1. "This is ridiculous and no one believes him." The poll released yesterday by Ipsos Reid suggests a great many Canadians believe him. That's why, of those surveyed, more said they would prefer another Harper minority than an Ignatieff-Layton coalition than those preferring the coalition option. Harper fed the Canadian public a damned lie. The Liberals failed to reply effectively. It became conventional wisdom.

    That's what happens when you have ineffectual Liberal leadership. That's not a cheap shot at Ignatieff, it's a fact borne out by two years of polls.

  2. I believe! I believe!

  3. I'm sorry, but I fail to follow the logic of most of your posts. You say that his suggestions that the opposition would form an election is ridiculous. Then you say it might actually happen. Your logic is seriously flawed.

  4. Unless Harper self-destructs, I argue the coalition is Ignatieffs only chance to be PM.


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