Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama Cuts with Nail clippers

With major deficit the U.S President is proposing cuts which is a good thing I support cutting spending if the Government can't truly afford it. The U.S presidents will cut the deficit by 1.1 trillion over 10 years sounds like a good thing, but the fact stays that 1.1 trillion over 10 years means on average only 110 billion which is a blimp on the 1.1 trillion dollar deficit the U.S currently has, and even with deficit going to as low as 659 billion will not eliminate the deficit. These cuts are just the start the major budget items that will keep the U.S in even worse deficit for years to come will be much higher. Obama hopes to cut the deficit with nail clippers, but Obama needs to bring out the big scissors. Like cutting Defense, the one thing I think he shouldn't cut is the help for the poor with heating cost which will effect 9 million people. Easy solution make the super rich pay there fair in taxes. If the house passes this bill they will prove they care more about the super wealthy getting thousands more dollars in there biggy bank to leave there then they care about the poor people who need assistance. It's pure stupidity to help the rich while you make the poor fend for themselves. This bill should die fast and quick. What Obama needs to do is put the taxes back to the Bill Clinton area where there was surplus, economic growth and where social security was funded. Then lower the Corporate tax, and pay for it by creating a carbon . Raise the social security age and make more cuts in the in defense. Keep funding and assistance of the poor, and make the estate tax higher for the rich. These are real solutions Obama's little cuts will just hurt the poor and cut the deficit by an inch they need to dramatically change.
The American Gas Association, an industry group that represents natural gas companies, predicts 3.2 million households, and 9 million individuals, would be affected.

But before becoming law, the proposal will have to survive a marathon budget process, and House Republicans who favor far more severe cutbacks and Democrats in both chambers who think Obama went too far.

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