Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fire Stephen Harper

Gerald Caplan from the Globe has a good take on Harper's need to control everything. According to him, the decision to cut funding to KAIROS has nothing to do with Bev Oda. It has more to do with the Conservatives' need to control everything and make sure that there are always less criticisms of their party position. This is why the Harper government must defund organizations that disagree with them and control everything that goes out to the press. This contributes to Stephen Harper's War on the Non-Conservatives.

This is also done by the following: shutting down government transparency, proroguing Parliament, makes him and other ministers lie in order to avoid scandal, personal attacks on political opponents and other people that might get in his way and many other things. Even though Michael Ignatieff calls for Bev Oda to be fired, it is Stephen Harper that must go (along with Bev Oda and the rest of his MPs).
What happens when the smartest man in the room (by his own estimation) proves too clever by half? What happens when a one-man band puts on a third-rate show? What happens when a “brilliant strategist” is so full of uncontrollable resentment and meanness that he keeps getting himself in trouble by interfering where he has no business?
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. We can demand all we want, but how do you deal with 33? 35? percent of the population that is willing to swallow the fact that the Conservative Gov't lies and obfuscates, and is willing to continue to vote for them?

  2. Well Anon the way you deal with Harper's popularity is to present a credible, effective leader who can earn the public's support. We apparently need an election to get Ignatieff to go so even a loss will represent progress for the LPC. Until then Harper continues to govern, playing the opposition parties off against each other to create a de facto majority that allows him to achieve effective majority power through incremental change.

    Dion drove the Liberal bus into a ditch and Ignatieff has failed in his promise to get it out. Eventually the Libs will have to realize that most schoolboys are ill equipped to lead political parties much less govern a country.


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