Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conservatives Against Multiculturalism !

First the Bloc now the Conservatives! Although the Conservatives did something different then not allowing Kirpans in Parliament instead they are reducing Immigration levels. Canada has a history for a long time to accept immigrants of many countries. Now Visas to allow Immigrants to the country to get a new life will be decreased by 5% even though this sounds like a little the fact that the Government would even lower the number is wrong. Canada gets skilled workers, an increase in population, more consumers and more tax payers which help pay for our services. We should be at minimum at least maintain immigration levels if not increase the numbers of immigrants. I am not saying that anyone who wants can just walk in and is a citizens, but allow people who want to come and start a better life for them or for there children have a place that they can immigrate to. The Conservatives should be ashamed to lower the number of Visas.This cut will hurt Immigrants parents the most and even cut skilled worker visas. The Conservatives are against more workers to help Canada's economy and supports fewer consumers so that the economy moves slower.

'Frankly, there's a better chance of the parents seeing a coffin before a Canadian visa.'— Richard Kurland, Vancouver immigration lawyer
The numbers show the government will issue about 56,000 federal skilled worker visas overseas, down from nearly 70,000 issued last year — a drop of about 20 per cent.
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  1. "Conservatives Against Multiculturalism "!
    Personally, I am in favour of more immigration, but opposed to "multiculturalism". I agree with Angela Merkel and David Cameron. I am in favour of immigrants adopting our western culture of pluralism, integration, and human rights.

    As for the Conservatives, I do not know their official position on "multiculturalism", but I do know that immigration numbers are at a modern day high. The ethnic vote is shifting conservative, and the Liberals know it.
    Maybe because more immigrants do not want to be marginalized under the guise of "multiculturalism".

  2. I think Rotterdam is confusing basic constitutional/charter rights with Multiculturalism. Canada is a richer country for our multiculturalism. I love watching Scottish Highland dancing, Punjabi Bhangra, and Chinese Lion Dances, while eating sushi, and listening to German polka. Events and activities like these are MUCH rarer in any "melting pot" nation (like the US).

    Canada has embraced these elements of foreign cultures, and it makes us a better country. It also gives us a leg up economically: when people from other lands (and their descendants) maintain their language and cultural norms, they are immediately better able to secure trade with their ancestral homelands due to their maintenance of these cultural skills.

    Multiculturalism is good for Canadian diversity - making for a more interesting nation - AND BETTER FOR OUR ECONOMY.

  3. "It also gives us a leg up economically: when people from other lands (and their descendants) maintain their language and cultural norms,"

    The problem is that it does more to isolate, ghettoize, and yes oppress. Then "secure trade with their ancestral homelands"
    Take a look in sections of Scarborough. Woman are kept indoors ("language is maintained"),and not allowed to leave. I know, I have seen it in the work I do.

    I suggest you verse yourself with the disaster in Europe. Amsterdam was once the most Gay friendly city. No more. Gays and Jews fear for their lives,and its not from the native Dutch. Europeans are afraid to confront the issue because of the elites believe in cultural relativism, and being afraid of being branded a racist. Things are changing. First Angela Merkel, and now David Cameron. Cameron speech was before the expose on massive abuse and racism exposed last weekend in England's most prominent Muslim school.

    The American "melting pot", has a renewed respect. World wide. It still has plenty of ethnic food and dancing.

    We in Canada have a wonderful western based culture. It brings prosperity,free enterprise, human rights, equality, education, health care and freedom. Many who come, come from countries that lack these western values. If sharia is your goal, you may feel more at home in Saudi Arabia, or Somalia.


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