Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conservatives do not Agree on Crime

Even though they are Conservatives, they do not agree on how to tackle crime. The Cameron Tories in the United Kingdom have taken a completely different stance than the Harper Conservatives. They know that being "tough on crime" costs a lot of money. The Cameron Conservatives are now undoing everything that Labor had done, which is ironically against the Harper Conservatives' ideology.

In the US, some conservatives recognize that prison is not the whole solution to the crime problem. They say that it will make some low-risk offenders do repeat offences and it simply costs a lot. Jail means paying money to have more people commit crime.
Just how conservative are Conservative crime measures, really? In Britain, the Conservative government of David Cameron is working assiduously to make Britain’s prison system less costly. The Cameron Conservatives are grappling with the expensive consequences of 21 criminal justice acts introduced by their Labour predecessors, which “increased the cost of prisons by two-thirds and sent the prison population soaring,” according to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. “My goal is a conservative one: to find effective ways of punishing criminals while reducing public spending,” Mr. Clarke says. In Canada, the situation appears to be reversed. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is emulating Labour.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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