Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harper Living off the "Socialist"

Aparently Stephen Harper supports spreading the wealth. Or in this case seats, and only if it benifits him (the oil companies or accomplishes the goal of runing Canada and destroying the enviroment.) . Stephen Harper called the NDP socialist, and since the Liberals are voring agaisnt the budget, and so are the Bloc The NDP or the "socialist" are the only thing keeping this Conservative Goverment a live. Think of it the so called socialist are holding the the goverment a float. The NDP aren't actually socialist, but the truth is for everyy bill Harper passed he needed help from the "Tax and spend Liberals" or the "Sepratist" who's leader he called "too Montrealer". If these parties are so bad why don't you just call an election Harper and get a majority since the choice is so easy. The fact is that Harper isn't even getting his 2008 polling numbers. And many people would support some sort of a coalition (which is legal Harper Because I know you have trouble knowing the diffrence). I want an election already and I hope the NDP won't sell out whcih there leader has said they wouldn't. I find this great when all three opposition parties work together to push Stephen Harper to do the right thing and change his budget.



    Bring it on iggy. The Tories are ready. Will the banks lend the grits money to even run a campaign?

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  3. The polls doesn't go along with the new EKOS poll. That shows the lead at 5% with the Conservatives at 32% and the Liberals at 27% the margin of error is at 1.9%, so it is pretty close and the Conservatives have all to lose this election.


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