Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Someone With Brains

The U.S must raise the retirement age, and no not one party in Congress is proposing it, but one governor in the blue state of New Jersey is at least telling it like it is. Now I don't support all of Chris Christie's, but he said straight out loud that the retirement age will have to raised. The U.S has to raise the retirement age the thing is if you are president or a congressman raising the retirement age will be political suicide in some cases. The risk of doing nothing on retirement will almost ensure that the U.S will have to raise taxes even more than ever before just to pay off the interest on the debt in 10 years time. I wonder how many little cuts will it take till we have a congressman who would purpose the increase of the retirement age. I wonder if in the 2012 primaries someone will answer yes to increasing the retirement age.Now I can understand why many politicians don't talk about it, because they will almost for sure lose, but then we are surprised when things like this happen. It's definitely no secret that the U.S is broke! And the raise of the retirement age is not only a no brainier, but also absolutely necessary in order for the U.S to survive without getting to a budget bust!

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  1. You do understand that America's problem is unemployment coupled with underemployment, don't you? Keeping geriatrics in harness keeps their jobs from opening up to younger people needing work. If America had jobs going begging your argument might hold water. They don't, it doesn't.


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