Friday, February 04, 2011

Renewables Could Save Trillions

Renewable energy costs a lot to implement. It requires a lot of initial capital input and this raises the price for solar and wind energy. However, if we take the plunge now, we could save some money in the future. A lot. In fact, WWF International estimates that the planet would save $5.5 trillion for having 100% of our energy renewable. This is a hard goal to meet. But, even if we achieved 25% renewable or 50% renewable, we would see great savings in the future, both environmentally and economically.
OTTAWA — The planet can save more than $5.5 trillion per year by 2050 by charting a path toward consuming 100 per cent renewable energy, says a new report to be released on Thursday.
The Energy Report, released by WWF International, a global conservation organization, said the plan not only provides sustainable development, but also prevents dangerous levels of global-warming causing pollution in the atmosphere.
Read more at the Province.
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  1. Actually, that is a bit misleading. Most of the savings is from modernizing electricity grids, transforming goods and public transport and improving the energy efficiency of our existing buildings. Those savings would happen whether you're using renewable or non-renewable energy. They're trying to spin their numbers to sell something that isn't true.


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