Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Governor against Unions!

The Governor of Wisconsin put up a budget that would cut many benefits teachers and policemen get from the state. The major cuts are of course to balance the states budget which is in the major red zone. Now I am all for cutting in order to balance the books and have a govement that spend within it's means. The problem is that the Governor is going to kill the collective bargaining tool that unions had in the state for over 50 years. I support unions because they are there to protect the worker, and if this bill passes then the bargaining tool that the unions have that help protect the worker is gone. The Unions said they were open to cuts and having to pay more for there benefits, but the Governor of the state doesn't want to hear it. He has not tried to compromise once on anything. The union supports cut to there wages, but is telling the governor not to destroy there bargaining tool. Some state senators left the state to stop the bill from being voted on. The Governor hasn't made any attempts to speak or negotiate he just wants his budget passed. There have been many cuts in education across the country and I am for those cuts, but destroying a tool that helps protect the worker isn't going to solve any problem in the long run.

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  1. We will see the same soon in Toronto, with garbage about to be put up for bid. Unions are becoming passe. The taxpayer see's value in out sourcing.

    Elections have consequences.
    Barrack Obama


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