Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Can Beat a Bush?

Even though George W Bush can't run because he has already ran for president twice there is still another Bush who everyone thinks might run. Jeb Bush Bush's brother who some say was the reason Bush won in 2000. Old poll showed that Jeb Bush was 8% behind now a new poll shows Obama at 54% and Jeb Bush at 34% Obama seems to be leading a lot of the potential 2012 candidates, and now the potential field is getting very crowded and it now gets to a point that in the 2012 election it could be the Republican candidate that has more name recognition. Palin could just win, because people know her name and she is very popular with Republicans. The thing is that candidates that are running in 2012 are really reeling on the tea party to support them and although the Tea party candidates can get elected when it comes to specific district, but when it comes to states in general where the independents of the states will chose the winner the Tea party could lose some of those supporters, because the 2012 nominee will spent so much time showing how they are more fiscal responsible and more Right wing then the others they will alienate the independent voters. The Tea party may have destroyed the Democratic majority, but might give Obama the boost to get reelected.

bama outpaces Bush by a 54-34 percent margin in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. That's a significant uptick for the president from a September poll that indicated that Obama would only beat the younger brother of former President George W. Bush by a spread of eight points.
But National Review editor Rich Lowry later wrote he thinks this is the most favorable election cycle Bush is likely to face, given he has already been out of the governor's office for five years and is by-and-large removed from the public eye.
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