Thursday, March 03, 2011

Moving to the Right

Ever since Obama came to power the Republicans were known as the party of no! They voted against almost every Obama plan. This caused major divide in the congress as parties stuck together on the votes. The republicans did the best at this they voted together on pratically anything Obama did and came together when it came to giving millionaires money on the back of poorer Americans. The Tea party also pushed many Republicans to move more to the right to satisfy the movement. Even John McCain even ran in 2008 and was always known as the maverick Republican who crossed the ail and worked with democrats. Even one time people say was thinking of switching parties. John McCain has dramatically changed his positions in order to get reelected in his home state of Arizona. Were he battled a tough fight just to get nominated in the state he even got some help from Sarah Palin to help him win. Now that one of the most centrist person in congress is now one of the most right wing politicians in congress the lame duck won't be able to do anything big because of this partisan divide. The U.S needs swift action now, but with this partisanship there will not be the type of action that is needed.

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