Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Tipping Point

The Harper government has seen many scandals in past years. Just recently, there is the "in-and-out" funding scheme and an instance of "I am the state," when our prime minister changed "Government of Canada" to "the Harper government." Yes there is backlash, but there is no outrage against the Tories. Maybe it's because the opposition isn't efficient and isn't pressing the Conservatives. Maybe it's because a marginal amount of Canadians are paying attention to politics.

In any case, there will be a tipping point for the Tories and they will pay dearly when the stuff keeps piling up. There is already so much that is against the Conservatives and one day, some day, they will pay the price. Hopefully during the next election.
It’s not the parts that count but the sum of the parts. Which invites the question: Is anyone doing the math? 
Just recently, four senior Conservatives (including two senators) were charged with willfully exceeding spending limits in the 2006 campaign that brought the Tories to power. The “in and out” financing scheme came at the same time that Stephen Harper was promising a new era of transparency and accountability.
Read more at the Globe and Mail. 

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  1. Who cares? Most Liberals will miss the vote anyway so it won't matter. Or would they finally earn their pay and show up for what they were voted in for?

  2. Wow PK doesnt care. Not a big surprise because he doesn't seem to care about anything.

    Im really happy Im not that bitter.


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