Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spend or hold Back.

According to many experts Canada is moving on the right track when it comes to the deficit. The Conservatives shouldn't take to much credit for it as the Liberals made the surplus, and grew it and then gave it to Harper. Harper took the surplus spend a lot of it, and is now going to bring it back to surplus in 2016. The only reason Harper has a surplus to go back to was, because of the strong economy the Liberals gave him and the strong surplus. Harper having a minority stoped him from having everything he wanted. If Harper gets a majority he won't be able to control the tax cuts to major corporations that will ensure that Canada will never go back to surplus and bring us back to the deficit years of  Brian Mulroney. Many economics are saying that the Government doesn't have to worry so much about the deficit because it is well on track to surplus and the government could be a little more Liberal when it comes to spending especialy when it comes to education that helps create skilled workers for the future. Now the Liberal party is in favor of improving education( but have not yet outlined a plan) which I believe helps are economy in the long term. I think we should limit spending while we have a deficit, but when it comes to important things like education it should be allowed as the benefits out weigh the price. I still keep the same belief that the Liberal party should stick to it's tough descion ideology. That ideology is that you don't spend money you don't have unless it is extremely important. I don't think we need to make drastic cuts to go back to surplus. Thanks to the Liberals who created the decade long surpluses. So no to a Quebec arena unless we have a surplus and we put other funds in other parts of the budget that desperately need it.


  1. The deficit was only eliminated in the 1990s as a result of the introduction of the GST and implementation of the FTA - both policies which the LP claimed to oppose in the 88 and 93 elections.
    I thought that my line of thinking was purely partisan until I heard John Manley state these exact thoughts on the Current on CBC this AM.

  2. I agree the GST help bring the contry back to surplus, but the cuts the Liberals put in place in those years did most of the work eliminating the deficit. True the Liberals were against the GST , but they did try to implement the HST in the contry. But you can't say that Brian mulroney by himself gave the Liberals are surplus is was because of the tough descions and cuts that the Budget became balanced.


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