Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gingrinch is "Thinking of Running"

Newt Gingrich is now "exploring" whether he is running or not. He is in something called an "exploratory phase" which is where you set up an exploratory committee to see if you should run. He isn't technically running but he is putting up a website . Which could any day he says he is running changed into a campaign site. The whole point of this is too see whether he has the support if he runs and how many people would be interested, but also since he now gets his name on the spotlight for a while.if his site gets no hits and he doesn't get a big following then he might say no to running. But that doesn't stop some politicians from running anyways even without support. Gingrich actually has some support, and is considered a serious candidate. Although he isn't truly considered the front runner in a CPAC straw poll he got 5th place with 5% behind Cris Cristie who is not even running and said he isn't multiple times even once saying that he would have to commit suicide just to get the media to believe that he isn't running. Polls of the first states in the Republican nomination show that he isn't leading in any of them, but he is on the top four for three of them so he is still considered a serious candidate . Believe it or not Gingrich is the only serious candidate that is in the Exploratory stage the only fully declared person who is running in the election is Jimmy McMillan who was the person who ran for governor in New York in the "Rent is too damn high party".

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