Sunday, March 06, 2011

Muzzle the Ignatieff

Maybe the Prime Minister's office has noticed that it cannot stop Ignatieff from speaking against the government. So now, they will stop the media from listening to Ignatieff and reporting on his remarks. On Friday, Harper's communications department made sure that journalists were out of the room right before Ignatieff was to speak, but after Harper spoke.

They are calling the fiasco a "misunderstanding." But, why would the media have to leave the room in the first place. This is just another example of the Conservatives' campaign to muzzle the media, keep secrets and brainwash Canadians. But, it won't work. When attempts to do this are made, we end up with a story like this.
OTTAWA — A “misunderstanding” led to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s media officials ushering reporters out of an announcement in Gatineau, Que. Friday night right before Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was about to speak, Harper’s spokesman said. 
The Liberals say Mr. Ignatieff was about to comment at a news conference at Quebec’s Museum of Civilization where Mr. Harper had just launched the Year of India in Canada 2011 with the High Commissioner of India to Canada.
Read more at the National Post.
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  1. The PMO didnt know he was speaking, only attending. The majority of the media didnt know he was speaking, which is why they left without a wimper...kinda a joe clark moment. And, why on earth would the PMO not want Iggy to speak, in the last few months every time he does the CPoC's poll numbers go up. I think the better question is , who the hell runs Iggys office cuz he deserves better then that.

  2. wow, Anon @8:24, it doesn't take long for your paid war-room Conbots to find "misinformation". What federal department do you work for anyways?

  3. C'mon folks, git down off your high horses and friendly up. This is just another example of continuing and superbly competent management by the Government of the Honorable Member of Calgary West.

    Yahoo! Ride 'em Cowboy Mastermind!

  4. "Truth" and "evilscientist" are PRECISELY why the Libs are floundering. And more power to you! It's great for us Conservatives.

  5. I highly doubt this was deliberate because when Michael Ignatieff speaks he typically hurts the Liberal Party. I think the Conservatives would like as many people to hear Ignatieff as often as possible.

  6. Wow anon at 5:01 and 8:08... responses I've seen on at least two other blogs... must be some more of that "misinformation" patrol. At least come up with something original. Especially since anon @5:01 I'm not a Liberal. You war room types need to do some research and quit parroting the talking points the PMO give you.


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