Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Return of the Fake Lake

And there will be many more fake lakes unless Harper is booted out. He was the one who decided to hold the G8 summit in Huntsville, followed by the G20 summit in Toronto. That detour through Canada's largest city caused much disruption. How would erecting a fence through the middle of downtown and letting thousands of protesters loose in the streets be good for the economy or for the well-being of residents?

It would have been much easier and would have cost much less than the $1.1 billion spent. And that is considering if that price is even the real cost of the summit. Instead of wasteful spending, it's time to spend wisely, especially with a deficit. It's time to vote Liberal and support spending on education, health and pensions instead of stealth fighters, corporate tax cuts and various wasteful spending that is kept secret.
The G20 summit caused chaos in Canada’s largest city and accomplished nothing other than a $1-billion photo-op for Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Monday during a campaign stop in Toronto 
Ignatieff and Liberal MP Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering) used the fake lake and burning police cars as a backdrop during a news conference to attack the Conservatives on wasteful spending and raise questions about Harper’s judgment.
Read more at the Toronto Star.
(Bad) memories of a fake lake…
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