Monday, March 21, 2011

Attacks Just Got More Personal

It wasn't enough to attack his background. No, it wasn't even enough, attacking statements said in some past year or even taking the word "yes" out of context. The Conservatives have just brought the never-ending attacks to a whole new level; attacking Michael Ignatieff's family. They have come out contradicting this recent video, saying that Ignatieff's family was actually quite rich when they immigrated to Canada.

The Tories obviously think that they know better than Michael Ignatieff himself or they would not have posted this attack. This is just sickening. Bring on the election!

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  1. Whatever.

  2. So funny complaining about the word "yes" when you guys have been bitching so much about the word "no"and calling it a forgery. Priceless.

    And "hyperbole" for a captcha. Appropriate.

  3. Now Iggy even has a police record..

    Yawn. Clearly the Canadian press thinks he needs a lot of help and free advertising.

  4. That is a laugh 'no brain' was during his young University years and the RCMP were looking for Communists. Ignatieff was talking about it Sunday, and he thinks it was just the age, young people talking about peace etc.
    If Michael were a nasty as Harper and the Cons are he could sue Harper for defamation to him and his family


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