Monday, March 28, 2011

Haper Keeps Lying

When Harper went to the Governor General to formally dissolve parliament he made a statement full of lies. He said that a coalition government is undemocratic and that there is  only two choices a stable) Conservative Government. or a reckless Coalition. The fact of the matter is that a coalition is fully 100% no questions allowed. It isn't like what Stephen Harper or his cabinet made it look like in 2008. His cabinet said it was a Treason (which can be punishable by life in prison). Harper has terrible memory in 2004 He sent the Governor general a letter saying that a coalition is allowed, because the opposition parties make a majority in the house. Apparently Harper was not only sleeping with the Socialist and the separatist, but should also be charged for Treason according to his own party he should probably spend his life in those mega prisons he likes so much. A coalition is absolutely allowed, because if the majority of Canadians voted for many different parties and those parties have a majority in the house of commons they have the absolute right to form a majority government. Quite frankly i would want a Liberal, NDP and Bloc coalition any time of the day if it meant Harper is out of power. Being in contempt of parliament is chose who really is doing things undemocratic. I was a bit upset with Ignatieff answer to a coalition. I think Ignatieff should have said that a coalition is a possibility if there is a minority, because it is 100% democratic and fair. It respects the vote of Canadians, because if the opposition make the majority in the house that means that they have a mandate to govern as the people of Canada voted to allow those opposition parties a majority to make that choice.


  1. The media has to move on to the scenario (with the Libs help) of what happens if Harper loses a confidence vote after this election.
    The Cons have run a government on a vote by vote basis for five years. Why can't the party with the second most votes do likewise?

    Harper should be asked repeatedly: In the event of you losing a confidence vote immediately after this election, will you recommend that the Gov. Gen moves to another election or rec. that the second party tries to form a government?
    If Harper says "election" then he destroys his whole 'stability, unnecessary election' argument.
    If Harper recs. to the Gov Gen. "let another party try" then that validates the Libs position of governing without a coalition on a vote by vote basis.
    ...and Canadians instantly receive a much needed parliamentary democracy lesson to boot.

    ALSO>> Libs and media need to repeatedly ask Harper if prorogation is off the table. Regardless of his answer the narrative has shifted and Harper plays defence as the guy no one believes (because he's done it twice already).

  2. Actually, a majority government can ONLY be formed by one party with a majority of the seats. If one party has a minority of seats but has the confidence of a majority of Parliament it is a minority government. And if more than one party form government it is called a coalition government, it is not a majority government.

  3. Part 1/2

    Harper says the other two will raise taxes to pay for the payout promises etc., and for those who believe him, are oblivious to the FACT that it is Harper who has ramped up the BIGGEST Deficit in ALL recorded Canadian History! So who would you trust? The guy who continues to put us in the poor house...and if he wins again, he wants to spend multi-billions more on Planes and Prisons? Max-Mega Security Prisons? FOR WHO? Is he planning to throw a lot of Canadians in prison? We've been doing FINE up till now...why throw more Billion$ for more jails? Are we expecting a huge rise in crime in Canada? Harper is way out to lunch now, people. It's time to realize this guy is NOT what we need.

    Oh, and remember he recently exclaimed that it was the Liberals that got us into the Afghanistan War? He obviously has a poor memory or none at all. It was George Bush who SAID "You're either with US, or you're with the Terrorists. Remember? How can you say NO to that when the most powerful man in the world gives everyone such an ultimatum? Harper would've sent in our troops as well, if he were the PM at the time. There wasn't any choice in the matter. So it was George who forced Canada to go from Peace-keeper status, to Warmongering Invaders. Of course if Chretien were in power still, and especially like it was back in the days of Trudeau, he especially would've told America to take a flying leap off a short pier. It's NOT our wars!! Arab countried are OUR responsibility to go KILL innocent men, women and children for SPORT? Any canadian who thinks we need to be there has been thoroughly brainwashed. But I digress.

    Am I saying I'd prefer Ignatieff or Layton? Actually, I'd love to see a Majority NDP Government, only because it's never happened. How much worse can they be? Bob Rae did a fantastic job when he was premiere of Ontario. He inherited a MASSIVE deficit that bankrupted Ontario thanks to the previous governing parties, so he built a toll highway 407 that brought in enough money to CLEAR the deficit and create a surplus. All without raising taxes etc. I'd say that was pretty darn SMART....but then Mikey Harris took over next (duh... a Conservative... cripes here we go again), and Mikey LEASED the highway into the control of Quebec for 99 years for a pile of cash that was AGAIN needed because Mikey created another massive deficit (some things never change concerning the PC's), but (as per usual) Mikey and his PC Party screwed up the deal and it wound up up SOLD, not leased to Quebec....and then Quebec turned around and sold it to Spanish businessmen for a tidy profit. So there you are once again... the NDP did something GOOD to HELP the financial situation, and as son as the PCs got back into power, the whole GOOD thing, turned into a pile of excrement, with the tax payers holding the short end of the stick. What else is new? So for my money, I say that what saved Ontario (being an NDP creation), is reason enough to give them a shot at Canada. We had (Bologna)-Mulroney for a bunch of years with a Majority...and look what he did. Sold Canada down the river, lock, stock and barrel to the USofA and anyone else who had money to offer him... screwing all Ontarians in the process. Back to Lyin' Brian... Meech Lake? The biggest con job in PC History. Then we give him a nice easy 2.2 million bucks, supposedly because we slandered him (another con job, costing the tax payers), and he was deemed innocent... only to find out later, thanks to Carl Heinz Schrieber, that Lyin' Brian REALLY WAS a Crook, and should have that 2.2 million revoked... but nooooo... he gets to keep it ALL, including the $300,000 in cash stuffed envelopes. The tax-payers got to pay for that ENTIRE incident regarding Shrieber/Lyin' Brian affair, and the outcome? Nothing. Brian gets off as innocent, and Schrieber goes to a German jail. Totally ridiculous.

  4. Part 2/2

    That's what you get with Conservatives. Now a lot of Canadians are sucking up to Harper actually trusting and believing he has their best interests at heart? Give me a break. No other government in the history of Canada has been held in contempt, been under suspicion to the point of having documents removed from PC HQ for inspection regarding another criminal matter. It never ends with the Scandals.... and Harper came in saying he was going to clean up government. LOL He's far more corrupt than the Liberals ever were... and unfortunately since it's more likely the NDP won't win, we only have one choice. I'd wager Ignatieff would make an awesome PM. But, we have to give him the mandate first... and preferrably a majority, because minorities suck. Nothing ever gets done because the oppositions never allow the government the power needed to do anything permanent and lasting. Give Harper a majority, and we're totally screwed...Harper has already proved that to us on a FEW occasions. Now he's even got his appointed Senators who are being investigated for fraud, helping with his campaign, seeking a majority? So is this what you PC voters want? Senators accused of fraud that are in Stevies back pocket, attempting to swindle all of you into keeping this obvious shifty-eyed shyster in power... and maybe even win a majority which TRULY gives him Dictatorial powers over ALL Canadians.

    Can you imagine the size of the deficit with a majority Harper? I don't even want to think of such a thing....and that family HELP which he's promising, but ONLY AFTER the deficit is paid off? It'll NEVER be paid off? NEVER!! It'll just keep growing bigger and bigger.

    Just remember that Chretien with the help of Paul Martin as Minister of Finance, PAID DOWN the Deficit...and created a Surplus. So when Harper came in, he had all this FREE money to fondle and make backroom deals with.... then he ran out and had to BORROW again, and now we owe half a Trillion?? (over $15,000 for every person in Canada!! That's $15,000 X 33 Million people)) WOW... we have to stop him FAST or we'll end up BROKE like USA is.

    One thing about Liberals. They DO, eventually pay down the deficit. So does the NDP. Conservatives have burning holes in their pockets and can't control their spending... it's no different than stealing from Canadians... and YOU voted for this? OR You want this kind of a leader who is going to totally shaft us all?

    WAKE UP!!

    I'm voting Liberal, because it's the ONLY party that can beat King Stevie, the dictator of Canada.


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