Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Resignation of Ministers

On Saturday, two important cabinet ministers and an MP said that they are not going to run for a seat in the next election. Unfortunately, that does not include John Baird, the rudest of the rude. They are, in descending annoyance: Chuck Strahl (Minister for Transport), Stockwell Day (Treasury Board president) and MP John Cummins. Some say that these resignations could change voting patterns in BC, as without the two ministers from that province, British Columbia won't have much cabinet representation.

I disagree. The Conservative support in B.C. has always been steady for the past for years, deviating from time to time. However, the real time to change votes will be the campaign. It is during the campaign that Ignatieff will perform for a Canadian public that virtually doesn't even know that he exists or what he stands for (partially his fault). During an election campaign, there will be much more focus on politics and Ignatieff will have a better chance than during the off-season to gain votes and seats everywhere in Canada.
An announcement Saturday that two prominent B.C. cabinet ministers and an MP are set to quit politics significantly diminishes Stephen Harper's bench strength in the province heading into a likely spring election. 
Treasury Board president Stockwell Day (OkanaganCoquihalla), Transport Minister Chuck Strahl (ChilliwackFraser Canyon) and MP John Cummins (Delta-Richmond East), all veteran MPs with strong national profiles, said they won't be running again.
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.

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