Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tories, Give it Up!

The Tories have not been giving out the cost for there tough on crime initiatives. They say it doesn't cost much, but for all the mega prisons and tougher sentences it will cost a lot of money money that should be going to I don't know lowering the record deficit of 55 billion dollars. The Conservatives have to give it up! they should tell parliament and let alone the people of Canada how much there useless and bad policies are costing Canadians.  Stephen Harper is now really racking up scandals left and right. Harper doesn't really care for the rules he just does whatever he wants to get elected. Be it from his own line that the "fundamentals of are economy are strong" then after the election he said that are economy is at the worst shape it has been since the great depression. Tells Canadians that Canada will never have a deficit for the next five years then announces the biggest deficit in history. Practically erasing all the years the Liberals worked hard to reduce the debt. Calling the Liberals corrupt then break the rules of Elections Canada  with  the "In and out scandal." Harper needs to go out now!

Liberal MP Scott Brison had argued the government breached his parliamentary privilege by not handing over documents detailing the costs of its anti-crime initiatives.
The government is in breach of privilege for not turning over detailed cost estimates for its crime agenda, House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken said Wednesday in a ruling that reasserted Parliament's authority.

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