Sunday, March 13, 2011

Governor of Wisconsin Killed Unions.

The Wisconsin Governor has signed a bill that would diminish the collective bargaining rights of the unions in Wisconsin, and making the state workers pay more for there retirement . The right to collective bargaining has been granted to the unions for years. The governor say's it is for balancing the budget, but The state workers are okay with giving up some benefits and pay cuts, but they just want the governor to come to the table. I am pro cuts to balance a budget, but collective bargaining won't help reduce the shortfall. The governor is signing a bill that will reduce the rights a state worker. Unions are there to protect the employee, but Mr Walker see's unions as a problem. Unions are not a problem they are the body that protects the worker from abuse of the employer.
Walker consistently defended the bill, which allows the state to avoid property tax increases and public-sector layoffs while trying to balance the budget.
 The governor thinks that the economy can't work with unions, but unions are open to discussions on cuts and benefit reduction. I support reducing benefits to state workers when there is a deficit. I agree to cuts in general when  there is a deficit. Even important parts of the budget I would support being cut only if  there is a deficit that can't be solved other way. It is the exact same thing Chretien did he cut the budget then when he had a surplus he started spending more and cutting taxes.

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  1. The taxpayers have been getting fleeced by the government sector unions for far too long.

    I hope this trend of public sector unions pay and benefits being substantially reduced is taken up by Canada and the Provinces.

  2. Obama and the Federal government allow NO unions.

    Get over the free cushy life.

    Unions gets the big bucks to put the political junkies in office who give them the big bucks.

    Yup, it's a scam.


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