Wednesday, March 30, 2011

May not in Debate!

The Networks have made a terrible choice, by not including Elisabeth May in the Campaign. The Green party last election got 7% of the vote almost 1 million people voted for them. The Green Party was in the debate's last election and Elisabeth did great. How can the Networks say that The Greens aren't important enough , because they don't have a seat in the election. In our democracy of FPTP it is theoretically possible for a party to place second in every riding have the most votes nationally and not have any seats. The Green party is important and shouldn't be ignored. The Green party is a quickly growing party, and the more we ignore the party the stronger it grows. Take 2008 when Elisabeth found out she was not allowed in the debates the Green party got 100,000 dollars a day. It is undemocratic to allow the Bloc who got 10% of the vote and is a regional party and not allow the party that is national and almost got 1 million votes. It is unfair. The Green party should 100% be allowed I hope the other party leaders will agree to allowing Elisabeth May in the Debate. She not only adds to the debate, but she also is a the only candidate there that will represent the people who voted for her party in 2008. I am not saying just any party should be allowed in the debate, but if a party gets substantial amount of the vote like 2% nationally where that political party gets funding from the government they should be allowed in the debate.

Sign this petition and send a message to the media to include the Green Party Here

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