Friday, March 04, 2011

The Government of Canada no Longer Exists

It is now called the "Harper Government." The new policy is to use this term for press releases of many public institutions such as the Canadian Revenue Agency, Health Canada and Industry Canada. Because Canada no longer needs a government; we have Harper to rule us. Apparently this is legal, unless you are following the laws. The Federal Identity Program states that "the criteria for creating an applied title include that it must: incorporate the word Canada or appear with the words Government of Canada...." The government is for all Canadians and Harper is not the automatic ruler of it. Logically and legally, the Government of Canada should always be referred to as the Government of Canada.

OTTAWA — It's official: Stephen Harper rules. 
And lest anyone forgets, a directive went out to public servants late last year that "Government of Canada" in federal communications should be replaced by the words "Harper Government." 
"Public servants from four different line departments told The Canadian Press the instruction came from "the Centre" -- meaning the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office that serves the prime minister.
Read more at CTV.

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  1. And with all the mistakes the Conservatives keep making the Liberals are at historic lows. It used to be Liberals could count on a minimum of 1 in 3 voters, that was the rock solid base. Now Ignatieff has brought the party lower than Dion by some polls. And this after so many Conservative mistakes. Why? Because fundamentally Canadians neither like nor trust Ignatieff. As bad as Harper is, he is more likeable and trustworthy than Ignatieff. And you must be pretty bad when you're less likeable and trustworthy than Harper. The bottom line is that Liberals desperately need an election so that they can turf Ignatieff. Even Liberals don't like this guy.

  2. Hey anonymous canadiansense wants her material back

  3. I do not think that just throwing out Ignatieff will solve the problem of the Liberal party. We must learn that switching leaders might not be the best solution. I think that we should stick with what we've got for a longer time than next election.

    Let Ignatieff learn how to be liked: he's already made progress.

  4. Hey Canada: are you going to wait decades like Egypt or Libya did before we get rid of our dictator?

  5. I agree with the Speaker of the House. No MP sh/be mentioned by his Christian name in any chamber of Parliament.

    Having said that, 'the Government of the Honorable Member from Calgary West' has the sound of a Sweet City.

    Tickle that tune, eh? Steve.


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