Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Passports for the Future

The Learning Passport is a new initiative by the Liberal Party to help the poor pay for post-secondary education.  This would be provided through Registered Education Savings Plan to help cover the tuition costs, letting families  to pay the rest. Here are the facts:

  • $1 000 or $1 500 per year, depending on family income will be deposited in high school students' RESP for a maximum of $4 000 and $6 000 respectively.
  • If the student decides not to attend a post-secondary institution, the money will not be paid out.
  • The Learning Passport replaces existing grants which do not pay money upfront for tuition or textbooks. The Liberal program provides more assistance than the existing programs would ever provide
  • "If you get the grades, you get to go."
As is normal, the Liberals are concerned with providing young Canadians with a good, sustainable future while the Conservatives would rather spend the money on fighter jets and tax cuts to wealthy corporations. The Liberals spend, but smartly and on the right things. Only the Liberals can stop the Conservative spending spree gone out of control.
The Conservative Party was quick to try to discredit the idea, saying that it would cost students their eligibility for existing grant programs. This seems hard to fathom; surely it could be made compatible. The Conservatives would be better off putting their minds to how to continue to stimulate interest in education and training.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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