Thursday, March 17, 2011

Attacking the Right Issue

The Liberal Party of Canada has released two new advertisements: one attack ad and one starring Michael Ignatieff speaking about the economy. The first one finally draws attention to the never-ending Tory trickery. This includes Bev Oda lying to Parliament, proroguing Parliament, launching smear campaigns against critics and renaming the Government of Canada, the "Harper Government." Someone in the Liberal Party finally woke up to this issue as this is the area in which the Conservatives are probably at their weakest.

The second ad speaks about Conservatives spending. Instead of continued economic aid or even reducing the deficit, the Tories have chosen to spend billions of dollars on mega-prisons, a fake lake and tax breaks for wealthy multinational corporations. This government has shown that they cannot properly manage the country's budget or even be responsible and transparent about their lack of competence. Election, please!


  1. Go for it!

    Libs will be reduced a further twenty seats.

    Then you'll send Iggy packing.

    Next, Bob Rae and the end of the line for the once "natural ruling party"

  2. Truth is Bob Rae would be much better than Ignatieff. That first ad sucked, I didn't even bother looking at the second. I know Liberals love the ad, but Canadians will not relate to it. And the fact that Liberals do not understand that shows how out of touch they are. I'm sure Ignatieff has already made a few phone calls to Harvard for opportunities after he gets his ass handed to him in the election.

  3. Ignatieff....heard of him. British I believe????

  4. Bob Rae will merge the further left of the Liberals with the NDP.

    And those commercials suck, amateurish garbage, same producer as the Dion ads?


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