Saturday, March 26, 2011

And they're off

The vote will be held on May 2. The campaign officially started today, when Stephen Harper asked Governor-General David Johnston to dissolve Parliament. Until election day, there will be five weeks of intense campaigning, political ads and two evenings of debates, in English and French. This is the election in which we will find out whether Stephen Harper will finally get his majority. This is the election in which Michael Ignatieff will finally get to prove himself worthy of the title of Prime Minister. A lot could happen during the campaign and you can bet I'll be watching.
OTTAWA—It was a formality on a frigid day. 
Canada’s 41st general election was kicked off early Saturday morning when Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked Governor-General David Johnston to dissolve Parliament after the Conservatives were defeated Friday in the Commons on a vote of non-confidence.
Read more at the Toronto Star.


  1. Iggy is even worse than the hapless Dion was before him...........pathetic.

  2. Michael Ignatieff (DEAD BEAT DAD)Tells Students to Abandon All Family Responsibilities Like He Did!


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