Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fate Falls on Michael Ignatieff

Lawrence Martin wrote in the Globe and Mail that the results of the upcoming election are all going to depend on Michael Ignatieff. I agree with him. Throughout the past few years, public opinion figures have not budged much from before: Tories at low-mid thirties and Liberals at high twenties.  People do not know what Michael Ignatieff is about and this will be his chance to show Canadians what he believes in and how he is going to make Canada a better country. Then again, if the Liberal leader performs badly, we will be surely in for a Conservative government and maybe even a majority.
In the coming campaign, all will be old hats on the hustings, save one. This election, skillfully brought on by Mr. Harper, will hinge hugely on the performance of first-time campaigner, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. If he stumbles badly, the Conservatives will win a majority. If he surprises, he may well be able, with the help of the NDP, to form a government after the campaign.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. If Ignatieff wins, we win. Hurray! And if Ignatieff loses, we still win because we can dump this neo-con. Hurray!

  2. How much spin will it take to hide the chorus of "told you so", when he leaves for Harvard?

  3. Anon..Now is not good time to be running Michael down. I just heard the election is really about Harper. Do you Liberals ever get got rid of one before and the Cons sense that is exactly what you want..Harper is the are not a Liberal, either. A good Liberal would not mouth off like you do.Are the Cons ads brainwashing you, too ?

  4. Ridofbrain, it will be a fraction compared to the laughter when Harper reveals he spent five years on his hockey book and has nothing to show. But then being honest isn't a Harper trait

  5. Boy, you Liberals must feel soooooo confident knowing your electoral success depends on Count Chocula.


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