Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ekos Seat Projection

Ekos has come out with some projections on there lasted poll that showed the Liberals 7% behind the conservatives who are getting 35%. The projection have the Liberals at 86 a little higher than last time. The Conservatives at 139 even more away from majority. The NDP at 2006 levels 29 , and the Bloc near the hieghest at 53. No seats projected for the Green party. The problem with these projection are were the party is getting the seats from. Apparently the Liberals are going to get 6 seats in Alberta. 6 seats I wish the Liberals can get, but this is only if the Liberals get around 32% of the vote. Although I think we will do better in Alberta this time then we did last time, because of the Liberals "rural Canada matters" and no support forthe carbon tax anymore. But the last poll we were hovering around 24%. So although I hope for maybe getting 1 or 2 seats in Alberta I think 6 is very far away.  Anotrher Questionable thing with this projection is thta the Greens have not 1 seat. Yet in the poll they have 20% of the B.C vote.  just under the 21% the NDP have. But yet again in our democracy you can theoretically get 2nd place in every riding win the vote nationally and still not have one seat. Other than that It looks like another Tory minority.

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  1. Fascinating the latest grit friendly ekos poll has a widening lead for the Tories


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