Friday, December 04, 2009

Africa Paying the Price

The world is oblivious to the fact that Africa is going to pay the price for climate change. It is already as George Monbiot said. Because of a drought, people were forced to loot other villages in order to survive. Now, it's continuing. We must wake up to the reality of climate change and not procrastinate on this subject.
Across Africa, there are growing concerns that the continent is being marginalized in the major debates leading up to the climate-change summit in Copenhagen this month. While the main focus has been on the impact of climate-change mitigation on industrialized countries, the urgent adaptation needs of the world's poorest countries, in the face of possible catastrophe, have largely been ignored, at least in terms of concrete measures.

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  1. The poorer countries will definitely bear a great burden of human suffering because of climate change. Proper and quick civil development will help to build reserve for these societies to adapt. Timely development of durable civil institutions is as important as environmental action in Africa.


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