Friday, December 25, 2009

Harper: torture situation "not in our control"

Harper says that the torture situation in Afghanistan is out of our control. What does he mean, it's our of our control? Our soldiers are in this nation. If Harper has the will, he can stop it. But, he and the Conservatives choose to turn their back on these tortured prisoners in Afghanistan. Most of them are innocent. This situation is not out of our control and it's up to us to stop it.
We are speaking here of a problem among Afghans. It's not a problem between Canadians and Afghans. We're speaking of problems between the government of Afghanistan and the situation in Afghanistan. We are trying to do what's possible to improve that situation, but it's not in our control.”


  1. It's easier not to see the problem and hope it will go away. It takes courage to tackle this and admit responsibility.

  2. The prosoners could be put to work building tram lines instead of being tortured.


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