Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stephen Harper doing too little on climate change

At Copenhagen, Harper was facing major criticism about his commitment of a 20% reduction from 2006 levels by 2020. Hilliary Clinton (secretary of state for the U.S) announced that the U.S will help raise 10 billion dollars a year for the next decade to help most vulnerable countries to deal with global warming, but countries must stick to their Copenhagen targets and must have transparency about there cut in CO2. Although the U.S is the 2nd biggest emitter of CO2, it seems to be more willing to admit there CO2 history and sees that they are taking a better stand in the world stage, but I do have to say the U.S have given some initiatives to cutting CO2 but no yet commitment signed on by the U.S . While Stephen Harper said achieving Kyoto would destroy the economy, but he was not elected in 2008 but in 2006 (before recession) he had 6 years to lower CO2, but Stephen Harper does nothing to even try to reach to Kyoto agreement. Instead Harper increases CO2 input by Canada and made us 8th most polluting country in the world (note: we are the 38th most populated country). We pollute more than France which has roughly double are population. The Conservatives counter that achieving Canada's Kyoto commitments now would batter the economy because of years of inaction by their Liberal predecessors. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered to help raise $100 billion a year for the next decade to help the most vulnerable nations cope with a warming planet. But there's a couple of catches: countries must agree to a climate deal in Copenhagen, and all must agree to "transparency" in reporting and verifying cuts to greenhouse gases. Clinton said lack of transparency is a "deal breaker" and insisted: "There shall be a transparency requirement."

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  1. you sure did hammer stephan harper, obama has promised transparency in his government and has yet to keep this promise, what give him the right to demand transparency from others?


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