Monday, December 28, 2009

Vancouver Canada Line Opens

The new rapid train line in Vancouver just opened. I think that it's a great idea to build a new line. Trains are much more comfortable than buses. They attract more people and therefore reduce the number of cars on the road. Next thing we need is high speed rail.
“It's perfect,” Mr. Campbell said when asked about his views of the Line. “If [the Canada Line] wasn't around, I couldn't make it to this place I'm working at so easily.”
Because of stops through Richmond and at such Vancouver-area fixtures as the airport, City Hall, the burgeoning Olympic Village neighbourhood, Yaletown and the downtown SeaBus terminal, the Canada Line has picked up considerable support.
Daily Canada Line ridership has occasionally topped 100,000, which is the break-even threshold for the system covering its operating costs. That level comes about three years ahead of schedule.

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  1. I think high speed trains would be more popular if free ice cream and profiteroles were served.


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