Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pig Oil

As usual, oil companies are trying to weasel out of taxes. Apparently, they have been asking to be exempt from climate change laws for years. They say that there is no way for them to lower emissions while they make billions of dollars and leave nothing but global warming for us. Take action and don't support Stephen Harper who lets them do whatever those big corporations want.
Oil and gas producers comprised the largest industry lobbying group from January through August 2009 with 24 companies and associations represented in Ottawa, according to the registry. These include all the major oil companies.
Ten other major producers of fossil fuels - mining firms and coal companies - have also lobbied on climate change legislation. Combined, all these major producers have employed about 465 lobbyists since 1996 or about one third of the total climate change lobbyists.

The monster trucks used to carry this dirty oil

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