Monday, December 07, 2009

U.S taking initiative in Afghanistan

With 30,000 extra troops in Afghanistan by the U.S Obama's secretary of state Hilliary Clinton says (in a NATO meeting in Brussels) that the U.S does not plan to cut troops in Afghanistan then run. She also say's that the U.S is looking for long term partnership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think that the troop plan that the U.S put up is very honorable that they want to put 30,000 troops mostly in southern Afghanistan (where the problem really is) is a step towards stabilizing the country and getting rid of the Taliban. The U.S says that they intend to start cuting troop level in Afganistan by 2011 (same as Canada) but I do think that all of the country's in Afagnistan should have more parterships, and have more influence in the country even after we leave till the country becomes completly stable.

Clinton: We don't intend to cut and run from Afghanistan

"I want to make clear to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan that we're looking for a long-term partnership," said Clinton,

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