Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Climate Change Polls

A new poll in the U.S shows that fewer American believe that globe warming is real. this comes to no surprise after those highly publicized emails saying scientist were ringing the data to support there idea. In June 75% of people say that they believe that global warming is true now only 67% still an overwhelmingly majority believe that global warming is true. The bad part is now that last summer 54% of people think that global warming is man made now only 45%. But the good news is that 58% of people think we should reduce our carbon footprint. I believe that global warming is true and that we should have a carbon tax or at least a cap and trade system. We should reduce are carbon footprint now, or else enjoy snow-free winters, extinction of polar bears, flooded cities, unpredictable weather and hotter summers in our world. (Editor note: I believe that a cap and trade system doesn't work. it would be cheaper to set up a carbon tax.

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