Saturday, December 19, 2009

OPUS Online

A new feature is coming to us users of the OPUS card. We will now be able to add our cards for automatic passes on the Internet. This is a great feature and I'm glad it's coming to the STM. Instead of having to go to the local metro station every month and waiting in the lines, we can just register our OPUS online. This increases the convenience and benefits of public transport.
Beginning in 2010:
Users will be able to sign up online to have their monthly pass automatically added to OPUS cards. Payment – via credit card or bank account – must be made by the 15th of the previous month.
Students aged 12 to 25 and seniors over 65 will be able to buy a four-month pass for $148, which works out to $37 per month, meaning they will be avoid the fare hike.


  1. off subject
    Since you want to differ from dr roy, maybe you can explore how a right-winger can be so illeterate in science and espouse private care all the while sucking on the government tit....

  2. I agree with you that's it a great idea. They should do the same for tickets.


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