Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fossil Awards

Canada now has nine fossil awards. We are five fossil awards farther than the closest country and it looks like we're going to keep winning. This is an embarrassment. Why can't Stephen Harper just crack down on emitters. Yet he refuses to help save the future.

That's right, nine fossil awards. Obviously, the Tory government is lying to us about the environment. The goals aren't science-based nor are they going to stop global warming. The sooner Stephen Harper stops his evil reign of terror, the better.


  1. "Evil reign of terror" is very extreme language that discredits your message. Harper is no Hitler, no terrorist, and not bent on causing deliberate destruction of basic human rights.

    Even if wrong, Harper is working to defend Canada as he interprets this mission.

  2. evil reign of terror i mean come on that is as HCD said is very extreme and may i just say Harper has his own believes on the environment i think you should at least respect(you may disagree).people might think the same about your opinion and think global warming is just a big hoax

  3. i am wondering why you don't retract this post now because this is outrageous you can say Harper needs a lot more action against climate change but evil rein of terror who do you think your talking about Hitler Harper is no fascist I think you should retract this statement

  4. vanilaman need not take down his post, fortunately for him we live in a democracy and he has the right to his opinion, stephan harper has not taken that away..... yet.

  5. "Evil reign of terror"? Tell me, how many dissidents did Harper execute? When did Harper abolish parliament? When did Harper take away freedom of the press? Is the Toronto Star still there?


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