Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen: What good did it do?

For two weeks world leaders came all across the earth to Copenhagen to help stop global warming. After 2 weeks of negotiations this is what is happening countries must put up their ''individual targets" which means that countries like Canada can put up any target that does not even help reduce CO2 enough to stop global warming. The agreement also is that the limit in which the planet can warm is 2 degrees (where scientist say any more will dramatically in danger the planet). But this agreement is "non-binding" which means every country has no legal obligation to reduce emission or to do anything. To be fair the agreement also is to have multiple other meeting across the year to create more details on the agreement. I think that Copenhagen could have been so much more by creating another accord that is legally binding that states exactly how much every specific country must drop there emission by a certain amount depending on country. Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, welcomed the climate deal as an "essential beginning," but said it must be transformed into a legally binding treaty next year. Environmental groups denounced the failure of wealthy countries to announce their final 2020 targets for cutting emissions.

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