Saturday, December 26, 2009

Obama can't keep his promise

Barack Obama may have his final health care bill pass in the House and the Senate, but, Obama said he would pass it on Christmas eve. The senate voted on the bill again on Christmas eve it pass no shock, but the house did not even pass the health care bill and let alone they did not melt both bills to one, and then pass the final bill to both parts of congress to then be on the President's desk. Obama has already gone to Hawaii for his vacation which means he has no attempt to sign a bill. Now if you're asking when will this pass? Well Congress comes back January 12 and have to start were they left off. Now this probably happened, and I am not being mean about this because this was his promise, but I will say that this is historic and will probably pass.

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  1. The government should spend our valuable tax money on trams instead of wasting it on health care.


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