Sunday, December 06, 2009

Vancouver Trams

Vancouver has rented two trams from Brussels to run in their Olympic Village. These are low-floor Flexity trams from Bombardier. Although the tram has been revived in Europe, North America hasn't really built any new tram lines (with a few exceptions). These tram lines in Vancouver are temporary, however, Bombardier is still trying to get the government to buy into a permanent tramway. This is Canada's chance to be a part of the revival of the tram. Once people see how well it works, they might want to bring it back to their cities. This could be a breakthrough on the tram front, or it could change nothing. Hopefully, this will open people's minds to trams.


  1. what was the total cost of these tram's and of course brussels would want to sell these to vacouver because of the money they would get

  2. Vanilla Milkshake7 December 2009 at 09:06

    I love trams with chocolate sauce.

  3. Trams are popular here in Tokyo and add beauty to the landscape. Alas, the days of trams are over for most of the developed world.

    S Parker,


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