Monday, December 21, 2009

Health care in the US might get cured

If you have not heard already, something nearly historic might happen in the U.S. Ben Nelson a Democrat from Nebraska has joined the other Democrats in saying he will support the bill, because he says that in the bill taxpayer dollars will not go to funding abortion.With him the Democrats have about 60 votes. That's right they have the 60 needed to pass health care legislation, but do not break out the champagne yet, because there are a couple challenges. First they have 60 in the senate that say they want to vote on this health care bill, but Joe Lieberman said that now he can see himself vote for health care because the public option is off the bill, and because the medicare in the bill is out. So take from that what you will but it looks like he might vote yes. Now another problem for the bill is that it has to pass the house all over again because the house and the senate have different things in the bill. This could be a problem, because the house slightly passed the bill with a public option (the senate has no public option in it). So democrats in the house could not vote on a bill with no public option, but with no chance of a public option passing it seems like they'll cut there losses. The last problem is that Obama wants to pass this bill by Christmas eve, and they'll need to vote in the senate then vote in the house then melt the bills together and vote on it again in the senate and the house. Another problem of passing this by Chrismas eve is that the republicans will use all the power they have to delay the bill. I think that this could happen. It could be very historic but I do agree that if it does not pass, than vote on parts of the healthcare bill that you can.,0,715525.story

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  1. A vanilla bean a day will keep the doctor away!


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